10 Ways To Help Bring Sunshine To Your Rainy Days

There’s nothing better than a rainy day. It’s the perfect excuse to hunker down, sip some hot cocoa (or Bloody Mary’s) and just binge watch TV shows all day. That is unless you have two little kids running around, bursting with energy, suffering from cabin fever. The struggle is real, people.

I’ve put together a list of some of our favorite rainy day activities to help keep the kids, and lets be honest, MYSELF entertained.

1.) Board Games: Ok, so it’s pointless to try and include your 13-month-old in this activity, but Delainey who is 3, is finally at the age where she can play board games with us or other kids. There are so many fun, educational games out there right now. Here are some of our current faves:

  • Matching Game: We have literally been playing this game every night before bed. It’s amazing how good Delainey is at this. We’re at the point where we can legitimately compete!
  • Quick Cups: The recommended age on this game is 6+, so it takes Delainey a little longer than her older cousins, but I love that it challenges her. Plus, I suppose it helps her learn to not be a sore loser? Lol
  • Disney Headbanz: I love that this game forces the kids to get creative with their questions and think outside of the box. Kids of all age love this one!
  • Candyland: Who doesn’t love a good game of Candyland – an oldie but a definite goodie.
  • Pie Face: If you haven’t played this yet, you have to. You’ll understand why it was SO hard to find and purchase this last holiday season. So. Fun.

FullSizeRender(1)2.) Fort: Living room forts are the stuff amazing childhood memories are made of! The girls absolutely LOVE building a fort (I think they just love any excuse to disassemble the furniture). Leave the kids in their jammies, cuddle up and read your favorite books. We made one the other day and Delainey and David slept in it that night, so sweet!

FullSizeRender(1)3.) Get Crafty: I’m going to be honest, craft time can either be really fun, or really frustrating. If I have a particular craft in mind and Delainey isn’t feelin’ it, I don’t try and push it. I just let her do whatever kind of “craft” she wants to create. However, here is a super simple craft that we did the other day that’s perfect for a rainy day!

032As far Leighton goes, clearly she’s not capable of doing actual crafts yet, so I’ll put her in her highchair, give her some paper and some crayons or markers and she goes to town. I just have to make sure she doesn’t eat them. Sometimes I’ll leave the cap on the marker and Leighton doesn’t seem to care. She just likes to think she’s doing whatever her big sis is doing.

I’ve also tried putting paint in a Ziploc bag and let her “paint” while sitting in her highchair.

0214.) Bring The Outdoor Games In: I’ve brought the Little Tikes basketball hoop in the house, the soccer goal, trampoline, even the bounce house. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

5.) Mission Impossible Maze: Create a mission impossible style maze in your hallway using crepe paper and tape. Have the kids attempt to make their way through it without touching the crepe paper!


6.) Tape Jumping Game: We had so much fun playing this – PLUS it gets some of their energy out (double yes). Even Leighton enjoyed it … watching her attempt to jump might have been the cutest thing ever. I just used painter’s tape and made six lines about a foot apart from each other. Have them jump between each of the lines, jump backwards, jump on one foot. A perfect way to work on coordination skills.

Rainy Day Activities 011

7.) Shape Race: You can mix a little learning in with rainy day games, as long as you keep it fun. Simply cut out a few shapes using colored paper and tape them to the wall. Have your toddler stand behind a line and then call out a shape. They have to run and touch the shape and run back. You can also up the academic ante: Call out a sequence of shades (“yellow, red, yellow”), and then have your toddler tap the colors in order. It’s also good for the little ones, you can work on introducing colors!


8.) Baking: This is always our go-to activity. There’s nothing better than listening to music and baking on a rainy morning. Delainey absolutely loves to help and even though Leighton can really only help stir (kind of), I’ll give her some empty bowls and a spatula and she has her own little baking party on the floor.

9.) Dance Party: Rain or shine, we have a dance party almost every single day. It’s usually around 4pm when my patience starts wearing thin and we need something to lift our spirits. It’s the perfect activity to not only put everyone in a great mood, but gets some more of that energy out.

10.) Go Outside: When you just can’t stand being in the house any longer, let the kids stomp in some puddles and get super muddy then throw them in the tub for a nice long bubble bath.

Rainy_Day_1 020

I hope these ideas help you have fun and fight the cabin fever this rainy season!

Cheers! Xo



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  1. These are some really fun game ideas! I’ve never heard the Disney headbanz! I’m excited when Parker gets old enough (hopefully soon) to play some of these games! Love you mama!! xo brittany

  2. Brooke did I mention you are a genius ? Not only are the pictures gorgeous, as are my grand daughters, but your writing is entertaining. Who knew learning could be so fun? Cheers to you, keep up the amazing work, I look forward to the next chapter
    xo Cindy

  3. Loving your blog Brooke! The floral maxi got my attention (might be ordering that one) so I was perusing through. I love this post…esp the mission impossible maze with ribbon! I’m going to remember that one for when I have kids…So creative! You are such a good mom 🙂

    Oh and I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now and you are totally inspiring me!

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