How To Create The Perfect Star Wars Party For Your Little Padawan

Whoa. The last two weeks have just been – whoa. Delainey came down with strep throat (note to all parents: if your child licks the grocery store shopping cart, they will most likely get strep throat. Ugh), and shortly after that, Leighton got two terrible ear infections. So it’s just been lovely around here – as you can imagine. Luckily, Leighton was healthy enough to attend her cousin Beau’s 5th Birthday Party last weekend! We have been looking forward to this party for awhile and even though Delainey had to sit this one out, I was so excited Leighton and I got to go. We had SO much fun. My sister-in-law and brother always host the best parties!

For those of you who do not know my sister-in-law, Amber, you should know that she goes above and beyond in everything she does. And birthday parties are no exception. After every party she SWEARS “this is the last big one” (ya right). I just had to share the pictures along with her tips and tricks as to how she created this amazing party! Star Wars is all the rage right now, so if any of you mom’s have mini Star Wars fans – you’ll get some really good ideas! From the invitations to the food, to the party favors – everything was perfect. 170


Amber sent out these Light Saber-inspired invitations that she actually designed  herself using Illustrator (annoying, right?) If you’re not familiar with Illustrator, here are some similar invites from Amazon that the kids are sure to love!



The food was a mix of adult-craved and kid-loved. And each dish had a creative, Star Wars-themed name to go with it. For the food signs, she printed them out using the Star Jedi font from Free Fonts and glued them onto glittered paper.

  • Obi Won Oroni – Mac n’ Cheese
  • Hutt Dogs – Hot Dogs
  • Wookie Balls – Meat Balls
  • Yoda Soda – Red and Green Juices to represent the light and dark side
  • Light Sabers – Celery and Strawberries on a Kabob to represent the light and dark side
  • Yoda Mole – Guacamole
  • Leia Buns – Mini Cinnamon Rolls (no Star Wars party is complete without representing the signature buns in food form)

174173175 Décor

It didn’t seem like it from the looks of the party, but Amber says she went super simple by getting everything from the Dollar Store or Amazon – for cheap! She used Beau’s Millinium Falcon to really set the stage by hanging it from their chandelier with fishing line.


  • Back Drop: She simply used a black tri-fold foam board from Target (about 5 bucks), star stamps and gold and silver stamp pads allowed her to create a dark night sky.
  • Paper Accordion Lanterns: (set of 6 for $12.99) from Amazon added a little flare by acting as a “death star” by the millennium falcon and enhancement around my night sky and on the tables.
  • Black and Silver Table Cover:  Also from Amazon  – this was the perfect base for all the silver, gold and black in the other décor and was only $4.30!
  • Black forks and plates from Smart and Final were an inexpensive way to keep the theme, while being able to use it for other parties.
  • Red and Green Balloons were added to show the light and dark side as well.
  • Blow-Up Light Sabers from the Dollar Tree were then adhered to the backdrop to create even more impact.
  • Banner: She made the banner by getting three sheets of glitter paper, printing out the font (Star Jedi from Free Fonts) and then cut them out using the printed template. She got a package of scalloped silver and gold paper from Michael’s to glue them on to.  A few clothes pins and some nice ribbon in between made for a great DIY banner.
  • Silver serving platters from the dollar store also added to the futuristic vibe.


  • LED Light Sabers –This was the most expensive but the kids LOVED them and it acted as décor as well. They have a 12-pack $33.90.
  • For the little ones, she got bubble wands from the Dollar Store.


A Wish Your Heart Makes is a local company that provides entertainment for children’s birthday parties. They did such a great job providing Jedi Training. The kids all honed their Jedi skills, had a fun game of tug-o-war (courtesy of Princess Leia and a Jedi) and finished it off with a fight with Darth Vader! This was the highlight of the party – apparently Beau CANNOT stop talking about how he defeated Darth Vader and was officially named a Jedi Knight!


Arroyo Grande Bakery did a great job making the Star Wars-themed cake, as well as green and red cupcakes (light saber cupcake picks are from Amazon).


In our family, we love a themed party, so we tend to dress-up for each one (whether it was suggested or not, lol). All of their costumes were from Amazon (shocking). Beau was of course Darth Vader. My adorable niece, Abby, made the perfect Rey. Delainey had the cutest Princess Leia costume that she wasn’t able to wear, but fortunately, Leighton was able to wear this hilarious Yoda costume!

189188IMG_3543The party turned out so great, and most importantly, the birthday boy had a BLAST! A big thank you to Amber for hosting yet another fun birthday party!

Cheers! XO


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