What’s In My Diaper Bag

I am always curious as to what other moms carry in their diaper bags. Every time I see a blog post or watch a friend dig through their bag, I tend to get a few tips! So I thought I would share with you all what’s in MY diaper bag. Plus, it’s the perfect way to tell you about my new obsession – Fawn Design Bags. If you aren’t familiar with Fawn Design, they make THE MOST amazing bags. They don’t look like your typical diaper bag so they can last even after the baby years. Plus, they have super chic styles, I’m seriously in love. They recently sent me the Mommy and Me matching bags in Blush and I was so freaking excited. I have been swooning over them for so long. Leighton has ALWAYS been obsessed with carrying a little bag. I’m not kidding whenever we leave the house, she runs and grabs her “purse”. So when the mini one arrived, she was so happy. She keeps her stuffed animal, sunglasses, favorite toy and snacks in hers.

These bags aren’t just beautiful to look at though, the quality is the best I’ve seen and they hold SO much without feeling like you’re carrying around a duffel bag or feeling like a pack mule.

I don’t like to carry around the entire house in my diaper bag, but with three kids, I have to be prepared for certain situations. Over the years I feel like I have pretty much narrowed it down to the necessities. I poured out my bag and this is what was in there. Here we go:

Nursing Cover: I have used my nursing cover the least with Mia. I think by the 3rd I either care less about my boobs being out -OR- I’ve mastered the skill of dressing to nurse so I don’t even need it. I think both, ha! Here are a few good covers:

Diapers: Obviously. I am not one of those moms who only uses a certain kind of expensive diaper. I really don’t discriminate. However, I do really like the new Pampers Pure diapers.

Wipes: Wipes are a different story. I am picky about the smell and how soft they are. Plus some tend to really dry out the girl’s skin. I prefer Honest, Pampers Pure or Huggies Natural Care.

Honest Organic All-Natural Balm: All three girls have had or currently have eczema. I carry this around if they need some extra moisture. I like that it’s all-natural and I can use it on the baby and the older girls.

Toy for Mia: Here are a few of my favorites that fit perfectly in a diaper bag:

Stick-On Disposable Placemats: I’ve used these since Delainey was a baby. We go out to eat A LOT and I feel gross putting the baby’s food straight onto the table. They’ve either sprayed and wiped it with chemicals or they didn’t clean it at all. These simply stick onto the table and you just throw them away after you’re done. Plus they keep the baby entertained with fun designs, characters and shapes.

Sun Screen: I carry both spray sunscreen and a small stick sunscreen for the face.

Lint Roller: This is for me. I feel like I am ALWAYS in need of this.

Boogie Wipes: I used to think these were unnessary. They might be, but I like that they have saline in them to dissolve mucus and help with the boogs that are super dry and hard to wipe off.

Entertainment for the older girls: I will buy little coloring packs for the older girls and keep them in here to help with when we go out to eat.

Tide Pen: Because…toddlers. These girls are ALWAYS getting dirty. In fact, I stopped dressing Delainey in cute clothes at school. She would come home with stains everyday. This Tide Pen helps get stains out or at least keep them from setting on-the-go.

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Dispenser Bags: These are for the blow outs. They aren’t happening as much now that Mia is older but they were perfect for when she would have a blow-out on-the-go. You just put the poopy diaper in them and since they’re infused with baking soda, they help eliminate the smell. I also put her poopy clothes in a separate one.

Extra Outfit: In case she has a blow out. I usually pack socks and a light jacket too in case she gets cold.

Honest Company Anti-Bacterial Spray: I think I overuse this stuff. I spray it on everyyyything. Shopping carts, tables, chairs, their hands, everything. Love it and it’s the perfect size.

Sanitizer: This one from Target clips onto the diaper bag strap so if we need to sanitize quickly, I don’t have to open my bag.

Honest Company Rapid Diaper Rash Cream: This one tends to work the best for Mia and I love that it’s all-natural.

Snacks: So.Many. Snacks. Snacks for Mia (usually these Happy Baby Teether Crackers or Puffs). Snacks for the older girls (usually Goldfish crackers or pretzels). Snacks for me (usually almonds).

My favorite lip gloss: Here are a few of my favorites:

Lastly, if you’re not familiar with ToteSavvy. It’s an insert that fits most all bags (diaper or not) and creates compartments to keep everything more organized. Super helpful!

So there you have it! I hope everyone has a great week!!



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