Playhouse Makeover

Hi guys! I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile – this has probably been my most requested post EVER!

Back in December when David and I were wondering what the heck to get the girls for Christmas, I told him how I wanted to get them a playhouse. They’re constantly playing house and family and I knew they would love one! Plus, I loved the idea of giving them one big joint gift from Santa that they could all enjoy.

When we started looking at playhouses, I was definitely drawn to the more expensive ones, some of the cheaper ones just looked, well… cheap. I was so bummed. But then I came across this one from Costco and loved it!! I had seen some makeovers on pinterest and knew this would be the perfect little house to transform.

When it came time to actually build this thing, both David and I TOTALLY underestimated how long it would take.

Since we wanted them to wake up to the playhouse on Christmas morning, we couldn’t have it just hangin’ out half-built in the backyard, so we waited until the VERY.LAST.MINUTE. to make sure we didn’t ruin the surprise. Well, after opening up the box on Christmas eve day and finding literally a billion screws, we knew it would take more than a couple hours.

I took the girls out for most of the day while David worked his butt off. He pulled it off and at least got it built. I had envisioned it being painted and decorated Christmas morning, but that just wasn’t going to happen. Fortunately, it was still really cute unpainted, so I knew the girls would love it.

Christmas morning came and they were SO excited. They were so surprised and guess what? They couldn’t have cared less if it was perfectly painted and decorated. It was so fun seeing them light up. We actually left a note from Santa saying him and his elves thought it would be a fun, family project to paint the house together.

See the “before” pics below:  That weekend we got right to work and started painting. Since I was still debating on paint colors anyways, we decided to let the girls pick. I wanted either all white with black accents (kind of the modern farmhouse look) or all white with light pink accents. Big surprise, they went with the pink. I’m so glad they did! I mean, it’s for the girls, why not make it extra girly – like everything else in our life right now, haha!

When looking for pink paint, I knew I did NOT want a bubblegum pink. I wanted a blush/dusty rose. I found the PERFECT pink. I absolutely love it! *I included all paint colors at the bottom of this post*

I saw a couple makeovers online that didn’t use the chimney, flag or mailbox. However, I wanted to include them, I thought they added some character to the house. But since I didn’t want to paint them all white and painting them pink would have been too much, we decided to spray paint them with this really pretty rose gold spray paint. I loved it so much, we painted the door hinge, door bell and phone holder that color too.

When it came to decorating the inside, I didn’t want to do too much and make it cramped. I did want to add some kind of rug or carpeting to make it more comfortable on the inside, so we did both. We got some indoor/outdoor carpet and a cute accent rug. I found some cute pillows at Target and made it a comfy little reading area for them the other day. They loved it! But I love that you can bring that stuff in and they can make a mess of it playing kitchen or restaurant, too. I hung this copper basket and filled it with some fake fruit. I love that it matches the rose gold accents.

This was such a fun project! I’m actually really glad we ended up painting it as a family. I feel like it means more to the girls knowing they helped! We definitely learned things along the way, so I’ll include those tips along with links and specific paint colors below! Please let me know if you decide to do your own little makeover, I’d love to see pics!


  • Don’t wait until Christmas Eve to start building – especially if you’re painting. This is a full weekend plus project.
  • Read all the way through the directions before you start!
  • Separate all the screws by putting them in little bowls and label them.
  • Lay out every piece of wood with the number on it so you can see it easily. Put pieces of wood with the same number together.
  • Pay attention to the little details like pre-cut holes on the directions (like which sides go where).
  • Super important to prime everything before painting!
    • I received a few questions asking if the paint has held up in the rain. We had SO much rain this winter and it honestly has held up great!

Paint Colors and Links:



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